We're Greener INGreens want Britain to remain a part of the EU because we believe that we need to work together on shared solutions to the collective challenges we face. Climate change, the pollution of our oceans, terrorism and the refugee crisis are issues that do not stop at national borders and require collaborative and cooperative solutions.

Britain has always been an outward-facing country not an insular one, and when we have engaged fairly and peacefully with others, the results have been mutually beneficial. A time of international crisis is the worst time to creep back behind the Channel. We need to be out in the world solving problems in a spirit of justice and solidarity.

We all know that the EU is not perfect, but we need to stay in it to reform it. We want to see social and environmental standards given primacy over single market rules and competitiveness. We want stronger, not weaker, protection of our rights; more, not less, ambitious environmental protection and climate action. And we want corporate influence and the power of global finance curtailed and the institutions of the EU to become more democratic and accountable to the citizens of Europe.

For Greens it is clear that our future lies in Europe and we are working every day to build a Europe of solidarity, peace, and prosperity for all while respecting the natural world we share.

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